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Alarm components

Central unit

The brain of the alarm which communicates with other product components (e.g. the siren). The central unit is mounted on a spring bracket (safety seat function). The power consumption is very low. The central unit contains a motion sensor and a 2 circuit immobilizer. It is splash-proof and protected against manipulation and short circuiting.

The central unit is mounted under the seat.

Emergency key card
and TAG

The transponder (TAG) is an electronic unit for code signal transfer to the alarm system. It is used for deactivating the alarm. The TAG requires neither batteries nor maintenance.

The alarm system is delivered with 1 TAG for fixation to the ignition key ring and 1 TAG in credit card size for emergency purposes.




The antenna is shaped like a ring and is normally placed around the ignition lock of the motorcycle. However, it can also be mounted beneath the side covers when necessary. The antenna receives the code signals from the TAG.


The LED is the information centre of the alarm system. It indicates whether the alarm system is activated and the status of the alarm. In addition it gives notification before the alarm is triggered. The LED should be placed at the front of the motorcycle and as visible as possible.


Backup siren

The backup siren is water-proof and will activate if one of the sensors "triggers" the alarm system. The siren will also activate if the battery is removed or the power supply to the central unit or the siren is disconnected. The backup function can be switched off by means of a keylock switch. (Service mode).

DEFA MCSecurity

MC alarm system with 2 circuit immobilizer

Designed for 12V

Very low power consumption (<2mA)

RFID technology for communication between the alarm antennas and a TAG (Transponder)

Automatic activation. Deactivation by means of TAG on key or emergency key card

Internal accelerometer for movement detection (main sensor)

Spring-loaded safety seat function via signal from the accelerometer (electronic switch)

Ferry modus

Service modus


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